The History of Tulsa's Planned Giving Partnership Program

There is something different about the people living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s almost as though giving back, helping others and taking care of each other is part of our genetic makeup. Making a difference and contributing to something bigger than ourselves is part of our city’s culture, and we are stronger for it.

Throughout the years, hundreds of people have taken it one step further and are working together to build a stronger future for Tulsa. More than 500 donors, from all walks of life, have chosen to support charities and organizations they are most passionate about through legacy giving — through wills and estate plans via various cash, stock, property, bequests and other assets through established charitable funds.

It all began in 2008, when the Tulsa Community Foundation started a Planned Giving Partnership Program, which created a collaborative environment for local nonprofit agencies to work together to educate their supporters about planning. This program helped to create an opportunity for those living in our community to give to the future of the causes they care about most.

The idea of organizations collectively partnering together to build their endowments was one-of-a-kind. In fact, this was the first program in the United States where nonprofits were working together to offer complimentary planned giving services to their donors. This collaboration enabled people from all walks of life to create a legacy that cared for their family’s financial needs and philanthropic desires.

Each donor can focus their legacy gift on the causes that move them most: enriching education, safeguarding health, improving neighborhoods, cultivating arts, protecting the environment, strengthening families, etc. This unique program has touched more than 100 organizations and has raised millions to build a stronger foundation for generations to come.

People from all income levels, backgrounds and beliefs have joined this program. When asked about the most significant contribution they had made in life, with very few exceptions, participants mentioned the impact they have had on another person, group, family member or community. Not only had these individuals contributed to something bigger than themselves today, but they were passionate about leaving a future legacy that would make their family, loved ones and philanthropic causes proud.

Legacy Tulsa was created to inspire people from the Tulsa area to think beyond their lifespan and consider making a legacy gift. It is designed to inspire people like you to make a charitable gift that helps care for you, your family and the organizations you passionately support.

Immeasurable impact.

Tulsa Community Foundation and the agencies who are part of the Planned Giving Partnership Program are focused on the future of our communities, making them better places to live, work and play. When we all work together to connect philanthropy with innovative nonprofits focused on the future, the impact is immeasurable. Legacy Tulsa wants all Tulsans to take advantage of this free program that celebrates how we care for the futures of our families, neighbors, cities and the organizations making Tulsa and the surrounding areas a better place for all.