The following stories share experiences from those in our community who have decided to make a legacy gift!  As you consider taking the next steps in planning your legacy, you can contact your professional advisors directly or feel free to use the complimentary services of Legacy Tulsa's Planned Giving Department - The Advancement Group.


The Knapp family heard about Legacy Tulsa through a Legacy Partner organization that helps serve their son, Luke, who has muscular dystrophy. They attended a parent meeting that shared the importance of putting together a will and estate plan. "We learned it's crucial to have this paperwork in order and worded in a specific way in case you pass away so your child can continue to get state benefits without having to use inheritance money first," said Laura Knapp.

"We can't express how special it was to give to the school who has impacted our family. Knowing that we can use our resources to someday benefit kids like our son Luke is an honor." The Knapp family now has peace knowing that they have everything in place so that Luke and their daughter Olivia will be provided for no matter what the future may hold!  

Meet Mother & Son (The Busby Family)

Mother and son, Dixie and Ken Busby, wanted to participate together in the Legacy Tulsa program to map out a plan that would take care of them and also provide for charities that were close to their hearts! Ken saw the importance of legacy giving and what it could do to help those who were making the gifts, as well as the charities who would be the ultimate beneficiaries.

“For my mom, this has really given her peace of mind, knowing that she is taken care of no matter what happens.  And for me, I have my estate plan done, which allows me to enjoy life knowing that at the appropriate time my legacy will continue through charitable giving -- positively impacting cultural organizations for which I have a true passion,” said Ken Busby.


Rodney Gray and his wife, Clevetta, learned about the Legacy Tulsa program through a seminar sponsored by Tulsa Community Foundation. It was important to Mr. and Mrs. Gray that they leave a significant gift in their estate plan without neglecting their children and other family members.

“For me it [Legacy] means leaving a tangible contribution behind to ensure the continued success of my family, loved ones and charities dear to my heart,” said Rodney.

MEET The Davis Family

"Having a child changes everything. When Paul and I first learned that we were pregnant with our daughter, Mia, our lives were completely changed. We were no longer simply focused on our current lives and our individual needs. We realized that we needed a plan for that future for the care of Mia in case anything were to ever happen to us," said Julie.

Legacy Tulsa offered the Davis family the opportunity to not only create a plan, but also to create a legacy for the future. Through the process they were able to make significant decisions that will impact not only their family, but the Tulsa community and the organizations that they hold near and dear to their heart. 

MEET MR. & Mrs. Griggs

Mr. and Mrs. Griggs are strong supporters of several community non-profits that are making a difference in the Tulsa area. They decided to participate in the Legacy Tulsa program so they can help make the world a better place!

"We wanted to make a more permanent impact for the charities that we support. Our goal is to provide a positive change which would in-turn create a ripple effect in a life and allow them to have a positive effect on many other lives in the future."