Who is Tulsa Community Foundation?

Tulsa Community Foundation (TCF) was founded in late 1998 and is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that assists other nonprofits, corporations, individuals, and families with meaningful and efficient charitable giving solutions.  As a result of the charitable nature of its corporate and individual donors, Tulsans have made TCF among the largest community foundations in America, granting millions of dollars from its charitable funds ever year.

Through the creation of funds, individuals, families and corporations support nonprofit organizations by recommending grants to aid the charity’s cause.  TCF reviews each donor’s recommendations for grant recipients, and approved grants are made to charities in the name of the donor’s fund.  Grants are not solely to support organizations in Oklahoma but all over the U.S. and even internationally.

TCF helps educate donors on the community’s highest needs, creates focused charitable giving strategies for donors, and works to involve children and other family members in multi-generational giving. TCF hosts programs that inform donors across the community about planned giving opportunities – using wealth, rather than current assets, to fund charitable activities. These programs allow donors to maximize what they leave to their families and to charity.

Please consider how you can use TCF’s services to better accomplish your charitable objectives and make a more lasting impact on our community.

To learn more about how Tulsa Community Foundation can assist you to simplify, streamline and maximize your charitable giving, please contact:

Director of Donor Partnerships

a: 7030 S. Yale Ave., Suite 600 Tulsa, OK 74136

p: 918.494.8823

e: info@tulsacf.org